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The procedure is completely safe. The feel of the laser on the skin has been described in many different ways. Some say it feels like a pinch, and others say it feels cool or like a mild rubber band snap. 
A course of 8 to 10 treatments are needed depending on area to be completed to achieve best results. 
Maintenance will vary with each person.

Is a relatively painless treatment that can be done quickly to remove unwanted hair. 

The quick, easy, effective way to remove unwanted hair from face, arms, legs bikini area. Anywhere on your body. 

Our manicures and pedicures will make your nails, fingers, hands, and forearms feel relaxed, nourished and re-newed. 

Fashions and styles change every year, the role of the hairdresser remains constant. 

Using their creative and technical skills, they help us to look our best by cutting, styling or chemically altering the hair. 

Every client is like a live sculpture, someone whose hair can be worked on and create a new look for. 

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